Bessho Onsen Station

Bessho Onsen Station (別所温泉駅, Bessho Onsen eki) is located in Bessho Onsen, an old hot spring resort town outside of Ueda City in Nagano Prefecture. It is the terminal station on the Ueda Electric Railway Bessho Line (11.6 km with Ueda Station as starting point) and operated by Ueda Electric Railway (上田電鉄Ueda Dentetsu). The station number is BE15 (Ueda Station number is BE01).

It was opened on 17 June 1921. Today is an unmanned station. The average daily number of boarding passengers is 286 (2017).

photos: Junko Nagata ©

Bessho-Onsen Station in October, 2023

Bessho Onsen Station stationmaster Yagisawa Mai, a Tetsudo Musume (Railway girls) character

An Ueda Electric Railway 1000 series train at Bessho Onsen Station

A preserved Moha 5250 “round window train” type (the windows next to the end doors are round). Τhree such trains were manfactured as Ueda Onsen Electric Railway Type 200 in 1928 by Nippon Sharyo. All three were retired from service in 1986 and have been preserved.

MAP – Ueda Station to Bessho Onsen Station