Chichibu Jinja

Chichibu Jinja (秩父神社) is a Japanese Shinto shrine located in Hahaso no Mori forest in central Chichibu city, Saitama Prefecture. The shrine is over 1000 years old.

The main sanctuary, the hall of offerings, and the hall of worship were rebuilt by Ieyasu Tokugawa and house famous sculptures such as the Kodakara Kosodate no Tora (Child Treasure Child-rearing Tiger), and Tsunagi no Ryu (Bridging Dragon), by famous sculptor Jingoro Hidari.

The shrine’s festivals include the Chichibu Yomatsuri (Chichibu Night Festival) which takes place annually (2-3 December) and the mid-summer Chichibu Kawase Festival.

3 min. walk from Chichibu Station.

Photos: Junko Nagata ©