Hanazono Shrine in Shinjuku

Hanazono Jinja (花園神社) is a Shinto shrine in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It is dedicated to Inari, the god of fertility and worldly success.  It attracts mostly people looking for prosperity and good fortune in business. Founded before the beginning of Edo period (1603-1868), it was located until mid-17th century at the present location of the Isetan Shinjuku department store.

“Tori no Ichi” (November) and Reitaisai Festival (May) are the biggest festivals of Hanazono Jinja (you can see at the end of page photos of Tori no Ichi). The shrine is also popular during the cherry blossoms period in spring.

“Tori no Ichi” festival. It is traditionally held in November, on days that the lunar calendar designates as days of the rooster. On these days, people wish for good fortune and business prosperity.

Photos: Junko Nagata © Japanbyweb.com


Hanazono Jinja is a few minutes walk from JR Shinjuku (East Exit ) and Shinjuku-Sanchome subway station (Exit E2).