Hikawa Shrine in Saitama

Hikawa-jinja is one of the most popular shrines in Japan during hatsumode (first visit to a shrine on New Year) with more than 2 millions visitors. It is located in Omiya-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture.

According to the tradition, the shrine was established during the reign of Emperor Kosho (the 5th Emperor in Japan) in 473 BC. Hikawa was designated as the chief Shinto shrine (ichinomiya) for the former Musashi province. It enshrines Susanoo, the God of the storms.

Around the shrine there is a beautiful park with many trees, a bamboo garden, ponds, a zoo and a museum.

Access:  10-minute walk from Kita-Omiya and about a twenty-minute walk from Omiya Station.