Jan Joosten Memorial Statue in Yaesu

photo: Junko Nagata ©Japanbyweb.com

The Memorial Statue of 17th century Dutch adventurer Jan Joosten van Lodensteijn (or simply Jan Joosten) in the Yaesu Chikagai (Yaesu Underground Mall) in Tokyo Station.

Yaesu area was named after him. He was one of the first Dutchmen in Japan, and the second mate on the Dutch ship De Liefde, which was stranded in Japan in 1600. Some of his shipmates were Jacob Quaeckernaeck, Melchior van Santvoort, and William Adams. For his services to Tokugawa Ieyasu he was granted a house in Edo (now Tokyo) in an area that came to be called “Yayosu Quay” after him — his name was pronounced yan yōsuten in Japanese (short version: Yayōsu (耶楊子)) — the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station is also named for him. Text: wikipedia