Kyoto: Philosopher’s Walk

Philosopher’s Walk in August. Photo: Junko Nagata ©
Junko Nagata ©

Tetsugaku no Michi 哲学の道 (Philosopher’s Walk)

The passage was completed in 1890 at the foot of the Higashiyama Mountain Range and was extended in 1912. The walking trail runs alongside the cherry tree lined Lake Biwa Canal. (Around 1.8 km from the Nyakuoji Bridgt to the Jodoji Bridge). There are famous temples and shrines nearby such as the World Heritage Ginkaku-ji Temple with a pleasant historical and cultural atmosphere.

In 1968, with the enthusiasm of local residents, Kyoto City completed the passage as a walking trail. Since then, residents and the Kyoto City Water Supply and Sewage Bureau have worked on the maintenance of the trail and it is a relaxing place for people living in Kyoto as well as for tourists with cherry blossoms in spring, fireflies in summer, colored leaves in autumn and a snowy scenery in winter.

In 1986, Philosopher’s Walk was chosen for the 100 Best Japanese Roads.

Junko Nagata ©