Sakura at Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Jinja is a Shinto shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo. The origin of Yasukuni Shrine is Shokonsha established at Kudan in Tokyo in the second year of the Meiji era (1869) by the will of the Emperor Meiji. In 1879, it was renamed Yasukuni Shrine.

When the Emperor Meiji visited Tokyo Shokonsha for the first time on January 27 in 1874, he composed a poem; “I assure those of you who fought and died for your country that your names will live forever at this shrine in Musashino”. As can be seen in this poem, Yasukuni Shrine was established to commemorate and honor the achievement of those who dedicated their precious lives for their country.

Address: 3-1-1 Kudankita Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8246.

Photos by Junko Nagata