A NHK Historical Drama

This small exhibition in NHK Studio Park dispalys objects related to the 55th NHK taiga drama (annual, year-long historical drama) “Sanada Maru” which started on 10 January 2016. The story of this television series is about the life of the last great commander in the Warring States period, Sanada Yukimura (1567-1615). Yukimura was called “A Hero who may appear once in a hundred years”, “Crimson Demon of War” and “The Last Sengoku Hero”. The famed veteran of the invasion of Korea, Shimazu Tadatsune, called him the “Number one warrior in Japan”.

Sanada Yukimura was born to a lord who owned a small piece of land in Shinsu (present day Nagano Prefecture). He survived using wisdom, courage and much effort during the Sengoku period and eventually, he grew into a much respected samurai warrior. During The Siege of Osaka, Sanada Yukimura constructed the small fortress “Sanada Maru” on the periphery of Osaka Castle. His fortress successfully repelled the much larger invading forces of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

NHK Studio Park, 2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Photos: Junko Nagata © Japanbyweb.com