Tayasu-mon Gate, Tokyo

Tayasu-mon (田安門) is located at the northern part of the old Edo Castle (the site of current Imperial Palace). It is the north gate of Kitanomaru Garden. The exact date of construction is unknown, although according to some historical texts, this gate was already in existence in 1607. The present gate was re-constructed in 1636. It is a masugata-style gateway with two gates set at a square angle, one giving access to the castle and one facing the outside.

In 1961, Tayasu-mon and Shimizu-mon (the eastern gate of the Kitanomaru Garden) were designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan.
The area (especially Chidorigafuchi Moat) is very popular during cherry blossom season.

Photos: Junko Nagata © Japanbyweb.com

The Gate is a five-minute walk from Exit 2 of Kudanshita Station, Chiyoda, Tokyo.