Yamamoto-tei, a traditional house and garden

Before being acquired by Katsushika Ward in 1986, Yamamoto-tei (山本亭) was the residence of industrialist Einosuke Yamamoto and his family for four generations. Yamamoto was the founder of Yamamoto Kojo, a manufacturing company of metal parts and shutters for cameras.  After the 1923 earthquake, he moved the factory and his residence from Asakusa to Katsushika, in North-Eastern Tokyo.

Yamamoto-tei, registered as a Tangible Cultural Property by the Katsushika ward, blends the Japanese residential architecture style shoin-zukuri with European architecture. The main room offers to visitors a splendid view to shoin-style garden while enjoying tea and traditional sweets wagashi.

Yamamoto-tei is a ten-minute walk from Shibamata Station.

photos: Junko Nagata © Japanbyweb.com

Traditional sweet wagashi with matcha tea

Hanashobu (Japanese Iris) by Senkei Fukuda (b. 1946, Katsushika). It was created for the occasion of the opening of Yamamoto-tei

Japanese Edo-Style antique Naga-Hibachi
The western style room in the building

The entrance when Yamamoto-tei was used as a residence

Nagaya-mon gate


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