Gora Station, Hakone

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Gora Station (強羅駅) is located in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is the terminal railway station on the Hakone Tozan Line, 15 km from the starting point of the line, Odawara Station. It is also served by the Hakone Tozan Cable Car which starts from this station and ends at Sounzan Station, the lower terminus for the Hakone Ropeway.
Gοra Station is operated by Hakone Tozan Railway of the Odakyu Group. The station number is OH 57. It was opened in 1919 with the opening of Hakone Tozan Line.

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A tinning model of historical train Moha 1 (No. 101) at Gora station. The Moha-1s were built in 1919 when the Hakone Tozan Line was opened and operated by Hakone Tozan Railway. The model was donated by the Komaba high school of Nippon Institute of Technology (NIT).

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Hakone Tozan 3100 series (3103). ©Japanbyweb.com/ Junko Nagata
Hakone Tozan Series 2000 (2001). ©Japanbyweb.com/ Junko Nagata
Hakone Tozan Cable Car. ©Japanbyweb.com/ Junko Nagata