Tobu Museum of Transport and Culture

A museum for train geeks of all ages

Tobu Museum of Transport and Culture introduces the history and the present day of the Tobu Railway, which commenced services in 1899. It exhibits steam locomotives, wooden trains, express trains, buses and other vehicles, features an impressive railway diorama with running model trains, and more. Visitors can experience driving a train by using the simulators. The museum was founded in 1989, on the 90th anniversary of the Tobu Railway.

The closest station to the Museum is Higashi-Mukojima station, which is 2 stations (6 minutes) from TOKYO SKYTREE Station on the Tobu Skytree line.

Opening hours: 10.00-16.30. Closed every Monday and 29 Dec-3 Jan.
Admission fees: Adults 200 yen, children 100 yen.
Address: 4-28-16 Higashi-Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo.


Photos: Junko Nagata ©