Iga Ueno Castle

Ueno Castle (伊賀上野城, Iga Ueno-jo) is located in Iga city, western Mie Prefecture, the area which is known as the birthplace of ninja. Parts of Kagemusha, the Akira Kurosawa famous movie, were filmed at the castle. The construction of Iga Ueno Castle started in 1585 by Takigawa Katsutoshi and continued by Tsutsui Sadatsugu. Sadatsugu was then succeeded by daimyo Todo Takatora (1556-1630) who built the 30m tall stone walls, the tallest walls of any castle in Japan. The castle was reconstructed in 1935 and unlike other Japanese castles, it was rebuilt with its original materials (wood).

Iga Ueno Castle is about 10 min by foot from Uenoshi Station.


Photos: Junko Nagata © Japanbyweb.com