The Lighthouses in Jogashima

Jogashima (城ヶ島) is a small island, 1.8km long and 500m wide, at the southernmost and western tip of Miura Peninsula, facing Sagami Bay. It is connected to the city of Miura, Kanagawa Prefecture, by a bridge built in 1959.

The island has 2 lighthouses, both administrated by Japan Coast Guard.

Awasaki lighthouse

Located in the Prefectural Jogashima Park, it is the new Awasaki lighthouse. The old one was an 11m. high, white lighthouse at the edge of the rocks (see photo at the end of the page). The new lighthouse completed in May 2020 and its height is 16m. The design was selected from 107 submissions after a call of City of Miura, asking the residents to design the new lighthouse. The deisgner is a 38 years old esthetician, Sayaka Fukazawa.

Jogashima Lighthouse

It is the fourth oldest western style lighthouse to be built in Japan, and the second oldest surviving to the present day. Designed by the French engineer Francois Leonce Verny it was completed in 1870. The original structure which was built from brick was destroyed during the Great Kanto earthquake on September 1, 1923 and was replaced with the current reinforced-concrete round structure on August 1, 1925. The height of lighthouse is 11.5m and it stands on a cliff top, which is 30m above sea level.  The lighthouse has been unmanned since 1991.

A kiosk of ancient Greek architectural style

The place where the old Awasaki Lighthouse was (1962-2020)

photos: Junko Nagata ©